Welcome to My World…

So to be completely honest, I tried this whole blog thing before…But I got so caught up in trying to spell out exactly what was happening with the specific disease that I have that it ended up more like I was trying to write a medical journal than a blog.   So this time, it’s going to be my story…unplugged.   I’m giving advanced warning…there are definitely great parts, inspirational parts, motivational parts, funny parts…but there are also some pretty dark moments…some pain, hurt, dealing with regret…etc.   However, that’s the whole point of why i’m doing this…Because I want every other person out there with a chronic disease that right now is listening to that voice in their head telling them that they’ll never get through it, or live the life they want to live, to realize that it’s so, so, wrong.   The twist is, i’m not going to tell you what disease I have…because once I do, I alienate 99% of other chronically ill people because you’ll think we can’t possibly speak the same language with our different diseases.   My thing is this though…does the disease really matter???   I guarantee you if you sit a room of chronically ill people down and ask them how they feel about everything…someone with Fibromyalgia, someone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, someone with Epilepsy, someone with Intracranial Hypertension, someone with Atrial Fibrillation, and someone with Cancer would all be speaking the same language.   We are all in this together!   We have all experienced losing the person we THOUGHT we were going to be, and we have all been faced with having to navigate this new person we one day woke up expecting to be!   So this is my story, from the day I was told I was sick and was never going to get better, to my every day life, and everything in between.   So please feel free to subscribe/follow/instagram/email me, anything!   Welcome to the journey 🙂

“You’re looking for the explanation, the loophole, the bright twist in the dark tale that reverses your story’s course.   But it won’t reverse-for me or for you or for anyone.   Allow your acceptance of the universality of suffering to be a transformative experience.   You do that by simply looking at what pains you squarely in the face and then moving on.   You don’t have to move fast or far.   You can go just an inch.   You can mark your progress breath by breath.” -Cheryl Strayed


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